9. ETHOS-Feature WS_5 SEPT 22_Reflections on A Church Wedding in the Singapore Context
9. ETHOS-Credo WS_19 SEP 2022_We Need Less Hebrew and Greek in Church (and More, Too)
9. ETHOS-Pulse WS_19 Sept 2022_Radical Enhancement and Transhumanism
9. ETHOS-Pulse WS_5 Sept 2022_Beyond Human
9. ETHOS-Credo WS_5 Sept 2022_Into the Depths
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Please visit our videos page for recordings of past ETHOS events.



The ETHOS Institute™ also conducts ad hoc research on various topics of interest with different organisations, institutions and ministry partners.

ETHOS’ recently concluded the study on Christians’ Attitudes Towards LGBT. The summary report is now ready for perusal.

Another report on “Connecting with the Next Generation” was conducted in association with partners like OneHope, Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore and The Bible Society of Singapore.