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Labour Justice and Low-Paid Migrant Workers in Singapore

Labour Justice and Low-Paid Migrant Workers in Singapore – A Christian Perspective

This book attempts to evaluate Singapore’s approach to and treatment of low-paid temporary migrant workers from a justice-oriented framework. I argue that this framework is congruent with a Christian perspective that prioritises social justice. Justice features prominently in the Bible, and Christian social teachings on justice, poverty and oppression illuminate the moral dimension of human rights and international labour standards and reveal a faith that is alive to the suffering and hardships of others. These teachings contribute to an ethical framework convergent with fundamental values enshrined in core labour standards and rights. They also cohere with other major spiritual and religious traditions, thus demonstrating a viable path for solidarity and cooperation between and among not just diverse faith-based communities but equally with secular groups in pluralistic societies.

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About the Author

Stephanie Chok
holds a PhD from Murdoch University, Western Australia. Her research focused on the precarious situation of low-paid migrant workers in Singapore—particularly male construction workers. She is currently an independent researcher working on issues related to migrant labour. Dr Chok also has a postgraduate diploma in Policy Studies and a Master’s degree in Development Studies.


The printed publication is available at the Bible Resource Centre (7 Armenian Street, S179932) or via online purchase by clicking here (retail price: S$10). E-book is also available now (@S$5.35 w/GST) by clicking here.