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Digital Immortality?
Mind Uploading and the quest
for everlasting life
¿Inmortalidad digital?
La transferencia mental y la búsqueda
de la vida eterna



The quest for immortality is probably as old as humankind itself. In recent decades a group of scientists and futurists who describe themselves as transhumanists has explored the possibility of uploading the human mind onto a computer as one possible way to achieve ‘immortality’. This article discusses the idea of mind uploading from the standpoint of a theological anthropology and eschatology. It examines the implications of mind uploading on our understanding of the relationship between the body and mind and personal identity and compares this with the christian understanding of resurrection.

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Dr Roland Chia is Chew Hock Hin Professor at Trinity Theological College (Singapore) and Theological and Research Advisor of the Ethos Institute for Public Christianity.