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NCCS Proposal to Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods – Causes, Consequences and Countermeasures

The NCCS submitted its proposals to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods – Causes, Consequences and Countermeasures on 6 March 2018.

NCCS was invited by the Select Committee to send two representatives to the public hearing on 14 March 2018. Representing NCCS were the General Secretary, Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian and Dr Roland Chia, Ethos Institute’s Theological and Research Advisor.

Click here to read the NCCS’ submission to the Select Committee.


March 2018 Feature Article

The Urban Church and Creative Urbanism

By Lawrence Ko

Can the church help envision the cities of the future?

The 21st Century world will be an urban world. The Asian Development Bank states in 2008 that over one billion people would have moved from the rural villages to the urban settings in Asia by 2030.

In another three decades, over 3 billion people in Asia (two-thirds of Asia) would have become urban dwellers. Will we see an urban world where humans and God’s creation can flourish or one with a degraded environment where we live more like savages in the proverbial urban jungle?

Manuel Ortiz states that urban growth is more than a sociological reality; it is the fulfillment of God’s intentions since the beginning of time. The cultural mandate given to mankind to populate and steward the earth indicated that God has intended for human settlements to develop not only in the rural villages but also in the cities.

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March 2018 Credo

What is the Gospel?

By Dr Leow Theng Huat

Our Common Understanding of the Gospel

The key message of the Christian faith is the “gospel” (or good news). This inevitably leads us to the question, “What is this good news about?”

For many Christians in Singapore, our answer is likely to proceed along the following lines: “The gospel is clear and simple. Because of sin, we human beings are guilty in God’s sight and are destined for the punishment of hell. Out of his grace, God has sent his Son Jesus Christ to our world. Jesus died on the cross, where he paid the penalty for our sin and also transferred to us his righteousness. All those who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Saviour obtain the salvation won by him at the cross, and our spirits have a place in heaven when we die. At God’s appointed time, Jesus will come again, destroy our evil world and pluck the remaining Christians up with him into heaven.”

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March 2018 Pulse 

On Christian Exclusivism

By Dr Roland Chia

It is perhaps common knowledge that Singapore is the most religiously diverse country in the world. According to a 2014 study from Pew Research, 33.9 per cent of its population is Buddhist, 18.2 per cent Christian, 14.3 per cent Muslim, 5.2 per cent Hindu, 2.3 per cent adhering to folk religions, and 9.7 per cent classified in other religious groups. 16.4 per cent of the population claim to have no religious affiliation.

In the wake of the tense security climate in the region – and indeed, worldwide – the Singapore government has repeatedly urged Singaporeans not only to be vigilant, but also to arrest the spread of extremist ideologies and keep in check exclusivist religious views.

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The article “Divine Genocide” is extremely helpful and insightful to aid me in my understanding regarding Joshua 's 'brutal' military actions against the Canaanites - in relation to the 'occasional' and 'general' command. Something I will share with my cell members tomorrow evening.

Very interesting topics and relevant issues in today’s generation.

- Participant of “Justice and the Common Good" Conference.

Excellent overview of ideas and views from all sides of the debate.

- Participant of “Science and the Christian Faith” Conference.

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