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NCCS’ Statement On A Self-Radicalised Singaporean Christian


Biomedical Ethics: A Christian Perspective

This essay is the revised version of a talk I gave to Muslim scientists and lawyers organised by MUIS in July 2005. Mr Syed Isa Samit, Mufti of Singapore, Mr Haji Mohammed Alami, President of MUIS,vmembers of MUIS, ladies and gentlemen. I bring warm greetings on behalf of the National . . . . Continue Reading »


Is It the End of the World?

Someone asked me recently, in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, “Is it the end of the world?” He pointed to the present situation as unprecedented; as one that is shaking the world. The reality is that, while the current pandemic is severe and has caused many deaths and is causing . . . . Continue Reading »


Meritocracy and Its Discontents

In an article published by The Straits Times (October 25, 2018) entitled ‘Meritocracy and the Paradox of Success’, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung observes that meritocracy, which arises ‘from a belief in fairness, seems to have paradoxically resulted in systemic unfairness’. This observation is substantiated by a number of important . . . . Continue Reading »


Stephen Hawking’s Final Musings About God

Stephen Hawking (1942–2018) passed away last year, but his ideas remain a significant cultural influence. Renowned for his views about science, he also made many comments about God. When he claimed in 2010 that there is no need for God in order to explain where the universe came from, his eminent . . . . Continue Reading »



Dear Readers,

Every month the ETHOS Institute publishes five articles on a variety of topics on its website. These articles have attracted many readers who find them informative and engaging.

However, we realise that although our articles cover a wide range of subjects, some issues and themes may not have received the attention they deserve.

If you would like us to address a topic or issue that is of interest to you, please write to us by clicking here. We will try our very best to post an article on that topic on our website.

Thank you for supporting the work of ETHOS Institute!

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Dr Roland Chia
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The speaker shows his wealth of learning and experience that is really beneficial.

Participant of ‘’Trinitarian Ethics: Implications for Christian Formation’’ lecture.

Very well and needfully stated, Dr Leow (Theng Huat). Exactly the very same concern I have deep in me.    

Reader of ‘’Inter-Religious Dialogue: Compromise of Faith or Expression of Conviction?’’

... your writings and works have built up many aspects of my interior foundation as relating to God’s words and also the meaning of being a Christian.

Ethos reader

The article “Divine Genocide” is extremely helpful and insightful to aid me in my understanding regarding Joshua 's 'brutal' military actions against the Canaanites - in relation to the 'occasional' and 'general' command. Something I will share with my cell members tomorrow evening.

Ethos reader

Very interesting topics and relevant issues in today’s generation.

Excellent overview of ideas and views from all sides of the debate.

- Participant of “Science and the Christian Faith” Conference.