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NCCS Statement

Big Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: A Paper by the National Council of Churches of Singapore

20 July 2023 Big Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: A Paper by the National Council of Churches of Singapore (more…)


Digital Immortality? Mind Uploading and the quest for everlasting life

Digital Immortality? Mind Uploading and the quest for everlasting life ¿Inmortalidad digital? La transferencia mental y la búsqueda de la vida eterna   Abstract The quest for immortality is probably as old as humankind itself. In recent decades a group of scientists and futurists who describe themselves as transhumanists has ....Continue Reading »

Watchful and Steadfast: Christian Leadership in Uncertain Times

Below is an excerpt.  This is the transcript of a lecture delivered by Dr Roland Chia at the National Conference of the International Students Inc on 20 June 2023.  Let me draw your attention to some words of the apostle Paul found in his second letter to his young protégé, ....Continue Reading »

The Ethics of Mitochondrial Replacement Technology

The Ethics of Mitochondrial Replacement Technology: A Response by the National Council of Churches of Singapore to the BAC Consultation Paper Entitled, ‘Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Arising from Mitochondrial Genome Replacement Therapy’ In April 2018, the Bioethics Advisory Committee of Singapore (BAC) conducted a consultation on the ethical, legal ....Continue Reading »


Memory, Relationship, and Remembrance

The Lord called my mom home almost a year ago. She was then 83 years old. I have been her main caregiver in the last five years of her life. This article is one of my ways to remember her. This is also for those who may have experienced a . . . . Continue Reading »


Conscious AI?

On 11 June, 2022, The Washington Post reported that Google engineer Blake Lemoine was convinced that his chatbot LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) had become conscious. Together with a collaborator, Lemoine tried to present evidence to Google that LaMDA was sentient. However, as the article reports, Google vice president . . . . Continue Reading »

Dignitas Infinita: Mixed Messages from the Vatican?

On 2 April 2024, The Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, led by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, issued a Declaration entitled Infinite Dignity. This document provides an exposition of the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on human dignity, and discusses thirteen ways in which it can be . . . . Continue Reading »

AI and Democracy

The spectacular success and relentless advance and deployment of AI in almost every sector of society have been greeted with enthusiasm by some and concern by others. There is a heightening of awareness among scholars and the general public alike of the possible negative ramifications this technology has on economics, . . . . Continue Reading »


On Promethean Shame and the Gift of Creatureliness

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan god, a potter, who created the first man and woman out of clay. He is also believed to have been the one who stole fire from Zeus to give to man, thereby enabling him to fashion tools.[1] The German philosopher Gunther Anders was . . . . Continue Reading »

Called to Health, Wealth and Success?

In an article entitled ‘Magical Moments’, Stephen Hunt, who teaches religion at Reading University, notes that the ‘health and wealth gospel’ is ‘one of the fastest growing religious movements on a global scale’. Hunt is right. In a 2006 poll conducted by Time magazine, 17 per cent of Christians in . . . . Continue Reading »

The Doctrine of Christian Perfection

Imagine this conversation among a group of sincere Christian friends: “Hey, did you know some denominations say that Christians are to be perfect?” “Oh? You mean we are to be flawless and sinless? C’mon, is that even possible?” “Seriously, isn’t Singapore competitive enough as it is? Do we also need . . . . Continue Reading »


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